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    What's all this talk if there's no walk?

    Coldwell Banker Real Estate

    Coldwell Banker Honors its Own Global 30 Under 30


    Joseph Piccininni, one of Coldwell Banker's 2017 30 Under 30 honorees, has achieves success in sales, philanthropy and leadership.


    Joseph Piccininni, one of Coldwell Banker's 2017 30 Under 30 honorees, has achieves success in sales, philanthropy and leadership.


    Two young real estate stars on going big and taking risks


    "Two young real estate stars on going big and taking risks"


    LIBOR's YPN Hosts 5th Annual '20 Under 40 Rising Stars' in Real Estate Awards

    Long Island Board of REALTORs

    LIBOR's YPN Hosts 5th Annual '20 Under 40 Rising Stars' in Real Estate Awards


    LIBOR's YPN Hosts 5th Annual '20 Under 40 Rising Stars' in Real Estate Awards


    10 homes for sale on Long Island with property taxes under $10,000


    LIBOR's YPN Hosts 5th Annual '20 Under 40 Rising Stars' in Real Estate Awards

    Southampton Patch

    Wow House: Rare Log Cabin In The Hamptons


    August 2019 Interview with Joe Piccininni

    Power Agent of the Month - Darryl Davis Seminars

    Wow House: Rare Log Cabin In The Hamptons


    NBC Open House September 2019

    NBC Open House

    A Beautifully Manicured Estate in Water Mill, NY


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    Stony Brook University Alumni


    Bachelor of Arts degree: Critical Analysis & Theory; Cinema & Cultural Studies, Digital Arts minor.


    I still to this day lead a section of trumpets in the University Wind Ensemble, playing classical/contemporary masterpieces from Tchaikovsky to Leroy Anderson.

    Secretary, LIBOR YPN


    Our vision is to grow a youth led entrepreneurial movement in Detroit. Network members share a commitment to youth-leadership development that fosters future creators, problem-solvers and social change-makers.

    NYSAR Director


    NYSAR advocates for REALTORS® and their consumers, elevates professional competence, seeks local board collaboration and promotes the value of REALTOR® membership and engagement.

    Wall Street Dead aHead


    Inspired by Hunter’s words and a shared passion for Grateful Dead music, we have created a community where Family Members network with like - minded professionals who share music and business as conversation-starting commonalities. Long lasting business relationships and friendships are cultivated in productive, relaxed atmospheres.

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    Let's put it plain and simple, Joe knows the Hamptons inside and out. He's the guy that doesn't just pack up leave for warmer pastures when the calendar says no more white pants. No, Joe lives and breathes Hamptons life and culture and he wants to share his love and knowledge of the land where Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet learned of the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind with all who come a courtin'.

    Like Batman, Joe's journey started by returning home after a lengthy trip away from the land he loved. Instead of learning martial arts in the far east (though one can never be 100% sure) and starting a never ending war on crime, Joe graduated from Stony Brook University with a bachelor's degree and returned back to the Hamptons with a fully functioning real estate license, a fistful of sales experience, and a whole lot of grit and gumption (with some moxie thrown in for extra measure don't you worry). He came home to a thriving community and wanted to make his mark in a town of big thinkers, rising influencers, and thriving artists and he wanted to do it his way the Joe Pic way. He also figured that making his mark would be much easier than correctly spelling his full last name – history would prove him very right.

    So how did Joe Frank Sinatra his way around the Hamptons? First off he aligned his unique drive, poise, and grace under pressure with the the world renown Coldwell Banker network which granted him the opportunity to shine in a competitive coffee is for closers go home Jack Lemmon monster energy monster truck rally sales environment known to modern society and even, dare we say, the world. Naturally Joe flourished and earned a variety of merits like being named a Coldwell Banker's 30 under 30 in 2017 and a Top 20 Under 40 Rising Star in the Real Estate by the Long Island Board of Realtors in 2016 aka he's a hot young tamale and he's proved his worth.

    Even the small screen has come a callin' as Joe has earned a recurring spot on NBC's Open House (that's network baby – not basic or streaming – but network TV.) including one where he convinced the producers to let him roll down a hill in a gorgeous suit, proving once again we live in the golden age of television. In addition, Joe has a second home in the print world, often featured in Inman, Newsday, and the Southampton Patch. Plus in August of 2019, Joe was named “Power Agent of the Month” by national speaker and real estate coach Darryl Davis.

    How does this Renaissance Man or Hamptosiance Man (trademark pending) do it? First off great question, your head's in the right place but the answer is actually quite simple. Joe's spicy recipe for success is to align himself with the passions that excite him most and doing the right thing by himself and his clients. He follows the old mantra of “Be yourself, and care for others.”

    Joe is also, as we say in the business, “an involved Irene” as his local, state, and national involvement includes secretary of LIBOR YPN (Long Island Board of Realtors Young Professionals Network), Hamptons Chapter Secretary, and since 2017, the NYSAR (New York State Association of realtors) director. Recently he was proud to chair the Education Committee and MC the 2019 LIBOR Education conference under Dianne Scalza. Outside of real estate, Joe is a devoted member of the Wall Street Dead Heads: a community of like-minded business professionals who share a sincere passion for the Grateful Dead. And yes to answer your next question he does enjoy the music of Phish and yes to answer your third question the Wall Street Dead aHeads are better than the Wall Street Phish Phantics.

    So what does this Hamptosiance Man (trademark still pending) do when he's not in the field? The better question is what doesn't he do? Though, that first question was pretty good...

    But back to the point Joe enjoys all facets of the examined life like leveraging awesome video content he finds on social media, and playing every instrument under the sun – like trumpet, harmonica and if haven't guessed it by now, drum roll please, the drums. He also enjoys a good joke whether it be clean or delightfully ribald, a good game of Frisbee, and the black and white fedora'ed joys of a good Film Noir (you should have known this when you enter the joint doll-face). Plus he enjoys taking his close clients out to dinner and perhaps, if you're lucky, mixing a few specialty cocktails as he was once an authentic Hamptons bartender.

    At the end of day and in the still of night, Joe strives to be himself, to gain the well earned trust of a client and friend, and our course, to remain in touch after the transaction.